lördag 9 januari 2010

25 grader kallt i dag. Kylan håller i sej. Åkte en sväng till By.
Testade nya objektivet och det blev väl inte så dåligt
Ålhuset i Alderströmmen

Roj "in action"

Orrar vid stranden av Bysjön


Eftermiddags sol i By

Ljungan vid Hallstaforsen

5 kommentarer:

  1. Great pictures -- even a little English so I can understand a word or two!

  2. I will try:
    Just try to show the cold wether (about -30)
    1. An old fishinghouse. (they got salomon in that house 100 years ago
    2-3 The lake beside Marits mothers house
    4.Roj, our dog loves to run in the snow doesnt matter how cold it is
    5. Dont know the english name of this bird. Lives usually in the forest, but these days they were just beside the house. They dig a hole in the snow and be there when it´s so cold. Roj get them up on ther wings when he was running around
    6. An older house in Marits place. Inside there is a BIG bakeryown for wood. We use to made a special kind of thin bread (?) in it every autumn
    7. The sun at 14.00
    8-10 Ljungan, the river in our place. Parts of it usually dont get frozen but now it´s so cold.

  3. Jag tänkte rätt... Pic. 5= Black grouse
    Nice pics fasrgubben!

  4. Tur man har en bildad doter

  5. Oj oj oj vilka fantastiska bilder! Kul att sambon börjar blogga också!