måndag 17 maj 2010

Crazy sheeps

At least some green grass. After two days with a lot of rain the green grass arrived again
 Our sheeps get a crazy about the smell of it and tryed get out of the winter pasture all the time.
So we let them out on sunday. Not much to eat but they dont care. Trie to move them to a better corral in a week or two. Got 24 lambs this year, 18 still alive. Ordenary result

Helping my friend Bertil with some persh fishing.

He is one of our last hunter and fishermen in the old way.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great pictures and stories, Lasse, and we particularly appreciate that you are posting them in English for us to understand.-Kate

  2. I do as good I can. But my friends are confused why I am writing in enlish..(-:

  3. Ha! I bet they are! You will have to tell them that you are planning a trip over here....