lördag 6 november 2010

Autumn is time to fill stores

Long time no blogg. Havent got the inspiration.

We already got our first snow, but it was melting. Looking forward for the winter..
The autumn is the period when we are filling up with food.
Slaughtered lambs three weeks ago, and this weekend it´s time for some fishing.

Following my friend, the trapper, to a lake up in the mountains, where the ice already was thick enough fore us.
He has already some fishing nets under the ice.
We expected go get some whitefish, trout and brown trout. This time we only got three witefishes, witch I already got enught of in the freezer. Give them away to our neighbor..
Marit said it is my turn go make the dinner today.She expects a three-course meal...
No meaning to try panncaces (-:

2 kommentarer:

  1. The fish look good. I should send photos of ice fishing here. People put up shacks on the lakes and drive their trucks and skidoos out there. Your way looks more simple. -From Scott

    From Kathy: Last night I dreamed we came to your home: Marit was not there but you were knitting, Lasse!

  2. Åååh vilken härlig blankis!!
    Här är det bara till att hålla tummarna för att isen hinner lägga sig innan all snö kommer