torsdag 6 januari 2011

A Perfect Dinner

We spended Twelf night at Hotel Knaust in the city of Sundsvall, one of the most famous hotels in our country.
It´s famous becuse of this trap. The legend tells that one of the timber purchases who lived in the 1890´s riding his horse upstairs after a wet evening.
Thrue is that it was a place of the rich pepole in that time, and there was lot of partys.
Viev from our window

Young ms Norgren and me complements each other. She love cooking and I love eating.
This time she won a gift card and decided to invite me to a special dinner on a resturant in town. 
 And I decided to invite her to this hotel so we could stay over the night. We arrived at 15.00 and relaxed with a glass of champange (and a beer of curse) before our dinner

 In the evening it was time for the dinner

 Fried potatoes and a fillet of beef. Looks so beutiful on the plate
And tasted excellent. To drink we have a bottle of red wine

One our later it looks like this..

The dessert was panna cotta with cloudberrys.
And the final was coffee, brandy and Bailys liqueur
After all this food we were not shure if we dried go back to the hotel..

And thanks to Marits gift card it was not expensive. Just payed 113 kr for two meals worth 1113 kr

 On our way back to the hotel it was snowing a lot

After one our of relaxing at the hotel we went to a pub. The plan was to have some beers or a drink but both of us was so measured of the food, that we dicided to go back to the hotelroom after only one beer.
Next morning we looked forward to the hotel breakfast. And we were not dissapointed.
There was everything for a good start of the day.
Of curese there was sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs.

A great journey with my best friend and loved
(keep feedning me like this I am sure my weight is 100 kg in springtime...)

3 kommentarer:

  1. This collection of photos and stories was the "next best thing" to spending some time with you and Marit. It looks like you had a wonderful time in a luxurious setting.
    One time I took Scott to a fancy hotel for a couple days and even though I paid for everything, he still complained about the prices! Silly fellow. Finally I had to tell him to be quiet and enjoy it, as he was ruining the experience for me.
    Your evening has made me want to do it again. Maybe this time I will make HIM pay!

  2. Only a cupple of years ago I was not able to enjoy this things. Was just sitting and thinking about how much time I was missing doing things.
    Today It´s different.
    I have no problems with relaxing, and I realy loves spending som time beeing lazy. Maybe I am getting older...

  3. If we get enough rest and relaxation, we do our work better. It is a proven fact.
    Now I just need to convince Scott.