torsdag 24 februari 2011

Springtime, (even if you dont belive)

This week we got cold, 30 below almost every night and wounderful sunshine every day. 
Yesterday morning when I was feeding the sheeps, one of the ewes just stopped outside the door to the barn and looked backwards. I understood there was a lamb inside.
So I jumped over the fence to go inside and take a look.
There was 3 lambs!!! never got so many from the same ewe before.
But just this morning it was -32 degrees and cold as....
One of the lambs was already ded, and one was just between ded or alive. The third was lively and was already jumping around.
So I started to try keep the second little fellow alive, giving it some extra food, and get it up on her feets.
For a while during the afternoon it semed to be a success, but late in the evening it was ded.
Thats life being a farmer. You cant always be sucessed in your fight with the nature

 Off curse there is time for some chickens. Put some eggs in the incubator and in 21 days we will see the result.
Some job to preparing the behives. Seems to be a busy springtime this year...

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