måndag 25 april 2011

what to do in a beutiful easter

If you dont now what to do in easter I can give you some examples.
Digging mud is pretty funnie so I did it twice
At the firs time I got it up again, but not the second. Just to wait for my friend with the backhoe. Pretty funny in easter.
Just tried to fix the lawn after our geothermal digging in mars. Maybe I would be waiting until the ground was dry  :-)
If you dont think digging mud is funny you can help your motherinlaw with her firewood. At least she is glad .

But the best is spending some time with these little bugs

Spended a cupple of ours with our bee teacher looking in a hive. They just woken up from their wintersleep, and started to work at once.
After midsummer we got our own bees, and that will be exciting.
Marit was taking the photos (and laughed  a lot to my stupidness)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Du, jajjemensan, det var på Rogen en månskensnatt det sa klick,...men det var bara 19 år sedan. Så roligt att Du hittat oss. En trevlig blogg Du har, så den blir nog av att följa...

  2. You have so many interests and activities, Lasse, that it is fun to follow your blog!