lördag 17 juli 2010

end of vacation

So at least it´s end of my three week vacation. Last week I have been finnishing the haying, cleaning the machinery and driving around the area with my brother in law several days.
Yesterday evening after a drive, one of our eves running out of the pasture. We went there and started looking for her and the two lambs. Saw her and tried to catch her but it was impossible. She just run away all the time.
Went home for a rope and my gun if she still would be running away.
Walked around the area for one our or so, but didnt find them again. Saw for my eyes me sitting in a moscuito filled forest all the night waiting for her.
After a while we decided to call the heard together again, just in case.
And who was there???
The runaways!
Darn animals.
That one I will made sausage of!

1 kommentar:

  1. Hee! I'm glad they came home, "wagging their tails behind them," isn't that how the poem goes? Or is that a poem about kittens, not sheep? If *I* am confused, I can only imagine what this question is doing to *you* -- a Swede!

    Your relatives here in Saskatchewan have lost a young calf to coyotes. This has been happening in this area this year to some other farmers, and it doesn't sound like it has happened to their herd before so they are not well pleased. Perhaps there will be war with the coyotes. Three of them walked right down the driveway and dragged away a dead calf from in front of the barn, in the same yard as the house. Bold as brass.