söndag 4 juli 2010

Walking around the lake

Every summer, the first saturday i july pepole could walk 19 km around our lake. It´s no competition you walk just becuse you like it. (there is some pepole running, never understood why)
 This year was 30 year anniversary and the staff decided there would be some suprises for the walkers
We and our neighbors use to serve  juice and water to the walkers for about 20 years and we get dressed in different old clothes.
As we use to be beside our old store, Marit and our friend Jonny will be dressed like the merchant and his wife (Jonny forgot his pants becuse of the heat)
Pepole are walking on the old road, and there will be a lot of old stories about things happend there.
I was supposed to be a bum doing whatever I could not having a job, complaining for everybody I met of lazy ungenerous farmers who force me to work for them in the hayharvest in this heat.
The first I meet was a runner, and I asked him why he was running?
 Maybe the sheriff was hunting him for something?
Kristin, beside me, acting as "Lapp Janke", a young boy who killed his aunt in 1750. He got hanged beside the road.
There was also some pilgrims and St. Olof (a norwegan king lived about 900) on ther way to Nidaros in Norway.
And off curse the water sprite playing his fiddle in a little creek

In the final there was three girls riding on ther horses

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