lördag 6 augusti 2011

looong time ago

Havent got the time to blog for a long time. Just been working and working and working almost all days and nights since Svalbard.
Havent got the time to fix the hey for the sheeps, so I have sold almost all of them. Next winter we will have only a cupple. Sad but necessary.

On this pic Niklas (Marits son) Marie and Wiggo their son. I am almost a grandpa (I am Karlsson on the roof
Me and this little fellow  will have a good time in a year or two. Have already bought him a tractor and a baler and next summer there will be a quad and a motorcykle (-:

Wish I got the same energy as this little fellows

 At least a got a new tractor. IH 84H. Much easyer to trive than the old one, and heat in the cab. Will be good next winter

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  1. Scott says to tell you he is having trouble getting the haying done here, too. Short on time, equipment breaking down ... you know how that is. He's been fighting with a sore neck for a week and feels like he's been kicked by a horse; has been visiting the chiropractor and the massage therapist. Now it is time for Katie to get in there and fix him up, I guess! (with magic hands)