lördag 21 januari 2012

The King of New Meadows eats better breakfast than the King of Sweden

I am really lazy doing this blog. Dont know why.
We are in the middle of the winter. The sun is up over the horisont more and more every day.
We got plenty of snow. Down in our village it´s about 40-50 cm but you dont have to go so far when you meet about 1 meter.
This winter is unusual mild. We have got -17 as coldest temperature so far


melker plays with the christmas dacorations.

Today it was time to try something new. Panncaces made of quaileggs.
have nagging Marit about that since she bougth the first quails, but have not be allowed until now.

 The eggs are wery small so I could not made so many panncaces as I wanted. There was also a counter problem. The eggs wight is only 12 gram and a normal henegg is about 70 gram

 I am pretty sure the king of Sweden never have eaten quaileggs for breakfast. (guess he only eats them in Nobel dinners or so)
With a litre of milk and 3 panncaces it was a good  breakfast for the King of New Meadows.

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  1. Good to see you posting a new entry, Lasse!
    We are just getting ready to go to Kelvington to have supper with Scott's family; we are celebrating his grandmother's 103rd birthday.
    I had better get moving or Scott will be sitting out in the truck complaining that I always make him late!