söndag 19 december 2010

All my trees are gone

Decided to sell all my trees this autumn. It´s not so much about 2 hectare, but I hope it will give me enugth money to buy a geothermal plant for our house. (and maybe another tractor if I am lucky)
But I do feel a bit sad about it. I always loved to stand there and enjoy the smell and the sound, thinking: This is my own forest.

It took them just a cupple of days to cut everything. It would  take me some years with my chainsaw to do the same job.

And it will take more than 100 years until there is a forest again.
Mayby I will decide to live so long so I can smell and listening one more time

 Once upon a time this was a Volvo V 70. In this car Marits son Eric was the driver.
He skidded in to the front of a truck. Today, a month after the accident, he just left the bed in  hospital . He will probobly be all right, but it will be a long rehabilitation. He is not allowed to use his left leg in three months.
Lycky boy, still alive

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  1. It is sad about your trees, Lasse (is it Lasse or Lars?). I also would feel that way if they were trees on my land.

    Indeed Eric was fortunate to come away with his life.