måndag 6 december 2010

Audience of pasture

This big fox was todays audience of the pasture. He (or she) have been around here fore a while, and I know what he is thinking. I am not shure if I will let him live or not. Guess he will be a problem when the lambs are coming in february. But he is really beutiful to look at, so probobly I will give him a chance.
 These will be best friends even if a lot of pepole says that dogs and cats dont like each other.
Roy is the dog, than Melker and Bamse (he is almost 17 years old)
 A few weekas ago Marit and her mother made sussages of lamb and moose. Looking forward to taste it.

 And so I went to a sheep sharing education. The fellow to the left was our teacher. Took him about 90 seconds to share a sheep. I use to do it in 20 minutes. Will see in the spring if I learned something

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