tisdag 28 december 2010

And so it´s over

On christmas eve we got a family lunch. 16 pepole of Marits family was here.
Youngest was Lucas (Marits sisters grandson).
There is no Christmas without children. Santa Claus viseted us and he got a lot of gifts from all of us

 After the lunch we rested...

Today I took the opporturnity to get some pictures of an old railroad viaduct buildt in 1880´s and still going strong.
It was buildt for horsewaggons and there is not so many cars witch can drive through it these days.
A solid craftmanship made of fieldstones

2 kommentarer:

  1. Just a small Chritsmas family lunch... ;)
    Tur att inte HELA familjen var samlad! Haha

    Tror bestämmt pappa Karlsson får ta och bygga ut kåken snart...

  2. I always love a family lunch ... especially when someone else is doing the cooking!