måndag 14 mars 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend it was time for the plumber to do his job. This is the old equipment. I am really glad to get rid of it. Have spended too much time bucking wood.Took us the whole saturday to move the old one outside and get the new inside

And here is the new. Get plenty of room here. Maybe we will move our laundry to this room
The plumber filling alcohol/water in the 500 m tubes.

And off curse we got a lot of lambs, just when I dont have the time to take care of them. Lucky me who got Marit. She spended the weekend with the eves and lambs. Think we got 13 in a cupple of days. Here are some unique pictures who Marit take. It´s not often we have the oppurtunity to see when they get their lambs. This one is just a cupple of minutes old, and if you look closely to the grey eve can you se se will get one any second.You can se more of it in her own blog
Still have 6 eves who got no lambs yet.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Glöm inte att fixa lite ny färg där inne också!!!

  2. These photos are as close as I have come to the barn experience in a long time!