tisdag 8 mars 2011

Last smoke in our chimnery

This is probobly the last smoke in our chimery for a long while. In the end of the week there will be geothermal heating of the house. Pretty expensive but it feels good not be able to woodbucking this year. Off curse I will have some wood for the big waterboiler and some barbercue, but thats not the same way.

Our garden house is waiting for summer. Guess Marit will have some tomatoes and cucumber there. It´s our first season with gardenhouse so it will be exciting
Today is the last day of digging the pipes. Wounder if there will be a lawn here again.
Have to plow and harrow this summer so we will se next year how it works out.
As you can see it´s still a lot of snow. Hope we get rid of it in the beginning of april so we can start our springtime work early

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