söndag 20 mars 2011

this day, a lifetime

Both Marit and me likes like surprices, and oftenly we dont planning so well for things.
Life will go like it goes.
Today it was open house, and we expected 10 maybe 15 persons. We have decided to offer them some coffe and lemonade after their tour on our farm.
I went to the car parking to show them the way to the sheeps pasture, but I never understood how many there was.

Marit realized when she saw the crowd...
There was more than 60 pepole arrived at 11!!!!

 Well, there was nothing to do, except boiling some more coffe.
A little bit difficult to explain sheepfarming for everybody, but the kids get a good time, and thats the main thing.
It´s sad that kids grown up today thinking milk comes from the refridgerator in the store, and meet is the flat thick thing on a Mac Donalds burger.
As many as possible got the opportunity to cuddle with a lambs and eves.
After a half our or so, most of the eves thought it was boring with all the pepole and went in to the barn,lay down starting to ruminate. Show was over in ther point of viev

 And we made more coffe

 Then it was showtime for the chickens. Most of the kids (and adults) have never se a chicken, not even on tv.
Think it was a great day for all of us

After the show, we went to the hospital 1 our away to welcome our new familymember. Marit is a proud grandma and was realy exited to meet her first grandchild

Marits mum , Marie the proud mother and Marit

3 generations, Niklas, Marit and the small one who got no name yet (or more truly, he got at least 5 )

Off curse the little boy would like to test my arms also.
Will sing lullabys and telling fairytales for this one for at least 10 years

in sweden there is a famous story about a little boy and "The best Karlsson in the world"
Karlsson is a "moderat fat man in his prime" and he does a lot of fun (he thinks)
That will be me.....

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  1. He looks like a beautiful baby ... look at all that hair! And lucky, to have a grandpa who will tell stories. Can't beat that.