fredag 11 juni 2010

Garden work

After several days with rain, the sun come back.
So we dicided to get some gardenwork done.
This year it will be new strawberrys, carrots,parsley,squash and dill.
By the house we got tomatoes and some herbs.

We have also blackberrys, american blueberrys,raspberrys and some gooseberrys down here. Hope to get a greenhouse in a year or two

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your garden looks very tidy!
    I plant lots of flowers and very few vegetables (a few strawberries, some green peppers and jalapeno peppers, two tomato plants, and herbs) but it has been raining so long that twice I have had to go dig holes near the plants to drain the water off their roots.
    Scott is very disheartened because there is water coming into the basement at both the houses. He has four pumps running, and two of them keep stopping. What a mess!

  2. Hmm.. Just talked to dad on the phone and he was whining about a few annoyig rain drops...

    Dad, when you have done the gardening at your place, you can come to me and water my poor herbs too

  3. When do you want me to come and get my price?
    That price I won in your birthday!

  4. Karin; You can get your price in the middle of july
    (Explanation; The guests in my birthdayparty get a lot. The lottery win was to do some work for me. Karin won the haying, someone won sheepcutting, planning a tree and so on.
    So my fríends have a lot of work to do :-).