tisdag 8 juni 2010

Visitor in our garden

One of our neighbors cows visit our garden. Not the first time. He is worthless to build a fence and his cows and horses walks around our part of the village all the time. Tried to talk to him about the problem with no result.
Think I will call the police or animal welfare next time (or put the poor animal in our freezer)
This cow went into our garden and walked around the potatoes,oats and black currant bushes

3 kommentarer:

  1. Not a happy-looking cow!
    Scott wants to put the three bulls on the grass behind the garden, but I am afraid they will break through the electric fence and eat my flowers. There would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    Good luck keeping the critter out of your property.

  2. Du är på rätt väg Karlsson. Lägg den i frysen.. kommer garanterat tillbaka snart..

  3. Haha! The most funny moment with theese cows is without a doubt when they woke Kristoffer up in the middle of the night a couple of years ago and just stood outside our house and stared at that drowsy, frightened guy on the other side of the window glass.