lördag 19 juni 2010

a part of my job

I usually work with the signaling systems on the railroad. But when there will be accidents I get in to another roll. Then I will be the "commander" of the scene of accident.
On friday evening there will be a small derailment and I was there doing my job. Luckely I have a good staff to my help so it didnt take long time to get the waggon back on the track.
 It´s a good job until pepole is involved in the accident.

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is interesting! I am so glad you can write in English. Sometimes with other languages I can figure out a bit of what a person is saying, but it doesn't work that way with Swedish too often!

  2. But thank goodness for Google Translator!
    I could understand what you wrote at the top. It's good to sit and write, even when you think you have little to say. Sometimes you get a surprise.